Addiction can be Fattening

I have come to the conclusion that I’m addicted to eating out. I don’t mean picnicking. I mean, going to restaurants, taverns, bars, diners any place with sitdown service. For the last three years or so a friend and I have been going out to lunch weekly. Now I’ve been going out by myself. At least one other time every week. I don’t know why, I have begun so infatuated about other people’s cooking. I used to cook for a living I’m no stranger around the kitchen as a matter of fact that’s why I got into the restaurant business I enjoy cooking. Well at least I used to. Now I’m retired I don’t dig it the way I used to. Maybe I just miss the business and feel compelled to mingle with the players still in the business. Or maybe, since I don’t spend my days cooking for other people worrying about menus, recipes and food costs. I’ve turned that excess energy into a compulsion to eat other people’s food. Or maybe I’ve just become too lazy to cook for myself. Regardless, I have to face the fact that I have an addiction.

Since I no longer drive. I rely upon public transportation to get everywhere so that entails quite a bit of planning to get where I want to go. I have a copy of every bus schedule IndyGo has. I probably spend as much time planning my solo trips as Lewis and Clark spent on their trip West. Take bus A at this time in order to connect with Bus B , in order to hook up with bus C so I can get to location D in time for lunch.I have asked my significant other to join me for lunch on numerous occasions but she is content on staying home.Since I am on a heart healthy diet (which I follow scrupulously at home). I’ve even taken to carrying breath mints to hide the telltale scent of diner meatloaf, tavern cheeseburger or Thai food.Of course I know that she knows etc. but I continue the charade to avoid the reproach in her eyes.Maybe that is part of the charm, the forbidden fruits, cheating, almost like infidelity. No that’s not it I just enjoy the total sit down dining experience;as long as the food is good and the service is pleasant.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m no diner whore I don’t eat just any where.You don’t have to be fancy but you do have to be clean,independent and most importantly offer good food.This urge to eat away from home can be strong.You are jones-ing for a soft lingua taco,or a tangy pulled pork sandwich and you know either one is just two short bus rides away;nothing is going to stop you.Think Ray Milland in Lost Weekend.I think if I keep it to twice a week;once with my buddy and one solo every thing will be fine.

So do any of you have any little addictions? Feel free to confide;get it off your chest,your secrets are safe here.

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